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Photo criteria

  • Students can take a lot of photos. It's up to them.
  • Students have to take the photo of the whole building. If the object is too big students can take more photos of it.
  • Try to avoid people's faces on your photos.
  • You can take a photo of people doing their work.
  • You can take a horizontal or vertical[DX11] photos.
  • One panoramic photo is required.
  • Required size of the photo: from 1600x 1200 to 2048x1536.
  • After the mobility students have to choose 4 best photographs of each category:
  • historical ruins,
  • historical buildings and area,
  • churches, mosques and others,
  • natural beauty.
  • Before the mobility the professional photo course for students can be organized.

Video criteria

  • Before the mobility students have to prepare a video promoting their school.
  • The second video should be made during the mobility.

E- book criteria

I. The size of e-book: A4.

II.Content o the e- book:

- the cover ( still working....),

- introduction should include a little bit of the project information,

- each chapter should be devoted to each country

III. Topics of the chapters:

  • Celebrity days- max 3 national or religious ones specific for the country.
  • Cuisine - national recipies of:

- one breakfast dish,

- one lunch dish,

- one dinner dish,

- one desert dish.

3. Accomodation: 2 or 3 hotels, motels including prices, conditions distance and food.

4. Tourists attractions: max 5 places.

5. How to get there?- chapter describing how to move around the area.

Before the mobility students shoud send the links of the places worth visiting in their country to the partners.